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8,600-year-old bread found in Türkiye's ancient proto-city Çatalhöyük

Archaeologists have uncovered an 8,600-year-old loaf of bread within a structure that closely resembles an oven in Çatalhöyük, located in south-central Türkiye. This site is renowned for being one of the earliest known locations of urban settlement in the world.

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An 8,600-year-old piece of bread has been found in a structure resembling an oven in Çatalhöyük, south-central Türkiye, one of the first places in the world where urban settlement has been recorded. Located in the Çumra district of Konya, Çatalhöyük, where approximately 8,000 people lived together during the Neolithic period, a structure resembling an oven was discovered in an area known as "Space 66," characterized by adobe houses with interconnected roofs accessed from above. Near the severely damaged oven, a palm-sized artifact was found containing wheat, barley, and pea seeds, likely used for food.