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‘Germany and Europe need to do more to defend themselves effectively’: Scholz

Speaking in a video statement commemorating the second anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized the need for both his nation and Europe to step up efforts in effectively protecting themselves. Scholz also noted that Moscow's continuous disregard for the principle of non-violent border changes was a pressing issue that deserves attention.

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published February 24,2024

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Saturday that his country and Europe need to do more to defend themselves effectively.

In a video message on the 2nd anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war, Scholz said the principle that borders cannot be changed by violence was being trampled on by Moscow every day.

Russia is not only attacking Ukraine but also destroying the peace order in Europe, Scholz noted, saying: "We will support Ukraine for as long as necessary to defend itself. As Germany and Europe, we are doing more and we need to do even more to effectively defend ourselves."

Scholz also said that words like "deterrence" and "defense readiness" were, for some, unusual words coming out of the German chancellor's mouth, and added: "We must be so strong with our allies that no one dares to attack us. That is how we ensure our security and defend peace in Europe. Our best guarantee for this is and will remain NATO."

Emphasizing that they are therefore continuing to strengthen the German army and the defense of Europe, Scholz said: "This is our contribution to a strong NATO."

Scholz noted that the German army, which had been neglected for years, would now be invested in, and that fighter jets, helicopters, frigates, submarines, tanks, and air defense systems were ordered.

He stressed that it is significant to cooperate with European partners to create an effective defense industry in Germany and Europe.

He also said that the most important weapon systems and especially ammunition should be produced continuously by combining orders in Europe.