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G7 vows to 'raise cost' of Russia's war on Ukraine

On Saturday, the G7 nations declared their commitment to increasing the consequences of Russia's actions in Ukraine. In a statement released on the two-year anniversary of the conflict, they stated their determination to keep escalating the repercussions for Russia's war, diminishing its sources of income, and disrupting its attempts to strengthen its military capabilities.

Published February 24,2024

The G7 group of nations on Saturday vowed to "raise the cost" of Russia's war on Ukraine, in a statement issued on the second anniversary of the conflict.

"We will continue to raise the cost of Russia's war, degrade Russia's sources of revenue and impede its efforts to build its war machine," the group said.

G7 denounces Iranian, Chinese support for Russia in Ukraine

The G7 nations denounced the support of China and Iran for Russia's war in Ukraine in a statement issued Saturday on the second anniversary of Moscow's invasion.

They called on Iran to stop helping Russia's military and expressed concern on the transfer by Chinese businesses of weapons components and military equipment to Moscow.