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In Ayvalık the tourism season extends until October

Ayvalık district in Balıkesir, Turkey, particularly known for its vibrant domestic tourism, spends its busiest days during summer by offering vacationers not only the classic trio of sea, sand, and sun but also many other alternatives.

Anadolu Agency LIFE
Published August 03,2023

Ayvalık, including Cunda (Alibey) and its 22 islands, the 17-kilometer-long Sarımsaklı Beach, and other beaches, captivates tourists and day-trippers alike during the summer with its turquoise bays, diving spots, windsurfing opportunities, the famous "Şeytan Sofrası" (Devil's Table) - one of the best places to watch sunsets in Turkey, camping areas, historical stone houses, and the rich flavors of the North Aegean cuisine.

With approximately 20,000-person capacity in 425 accommodation facilities and tens of thousands of second homes, the district, which normally has a population of 70,000, is currently hosting ten times that number due to the ongoing Kurban Bayrami (Eid al-Adha) festivities.

The accommodation facilities in Ayvalık, emanating the scent of olives due to the olive trees and oil factories, are operating at up to 80% capacity, catering to their guests.

Ayvalık Mayor Mesut Ergin stated that they feel the intensity of the tourism season in every aspect and emphasized that they are working with all teams to ensure visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable summer, expressing their belief in having a plentiful and fruitful season.

The increased accessibility to Ayvalık in recent years, thanks to the Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport in Edremit, the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge in the Dardanelles, tunnels, and highways, has resulted in a busy season that is expected to continue until October. Even during the winter, especially on weekends, Ayvalık experiences a significant influx of visitors.

Ayvalık Tourism Association President and Ayvalık Tourism Development Services Union General Secretary Ümit Özgültekin shared that the 9-day Kurban Bayramı holiday from June 24 to July 2 was productive for businesses, with accommodation facilities being over 90% full during the holiday. After the holiday, there was a slight decrease in occupancy rates, which now stands around 70% to 80%, reaching over 80% on weekends. Özgültekin stated that these rates have met their expectations. He also emphasized the importance of day-trippers, stating that they visit Ayvalık's beaches and benefit from the historical and natural beauties of the district, contributing positively to the local economy.