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Before the mosque restoration, its digital twin was created

Preparations for the restoration of the main structure of Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, one of the most valuable works in terms of art and architecture in the world, have reached their final stages. İhsan Sarı, a senior architect and a member of the Science Board of Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque for the past two years, said that the 1,486-year-old Hagia Sophia has suffered significant damage over time due to earthquakes and social events, and has undergone restoration many times in this regard. Sarı pointed out that the most recent comprehensive restoration of the structure was carried out by the Fossati Brothers, Gaspare, and Giuseppe, during the reign of Abdülmecit.

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He said, 'During the Ottoman period, the largest restoration was carried out during the time of Sultan Selim II by Mimar Sinan. Mimar Sinan extended the life of the monument to some extent by adding massive buttresses. Thanks to this, the monument has survived to this day. Now, after the comprehensive restoration carried out by the Fossati Brothers between 1848 and 1850, we are on the eve of the second comprehensive restoration in Hagia Sophia.'