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US vetoes UN Security Council resolution demanding immediate Gaza cease-fire

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published December 09,2023

The US vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution on Friday that demanded an immediate cease-fire to halt the ongoing bloodshed in the Gaza Strip as the death toll continues to mount.

The text, which was co-sponsored by at least 97 UN member states, received the support of 13 Security Council members, while the United Kingdom abstained.

It called for all parties to the conflict to adhere to international law, particularly the protection of civilians, demanded an immediate humanitarian cease-fire and called on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to report to the council on the cease-fire's implementation.

The United Arab Emirates, which introduced the draft, said it worked to expeditiously complete the resolution due to the mounting number of dead over the 63-day war.

"There is nothing else left to do or say other than to demand this war be brought to an end, and the imperative of saving as many lives as possible right now must supersede every other consideration," said Mohamed Abushahab, the UAE's representative.