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Erdoğan: Netanyahu and those complicit in genocide will be held accountable

‘’Netanyahu and those complicit in genocide will be held accountable, we will ensure they face justice.’’ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Wednesday.

Agencies and A News TÜRKIYE
Published May 15,2024

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made important statements at the AK Party Group Meeting on Wednesday.

Highlights from Erdoğan's speech:


''It is important to support our parliament speaker's efforts in the process of creating a civilian constitution. We see the benefit of taking concrete steps without rushing but also without excessive delay. We will maintain our conciliatory and constructive stance until the end. With God's permission, we will elevate our country to new levels and records in every field. As a team that has left its mark on Turkey's last 21 years, we will chart the course for the next century with our works and contributions.''


''The mass massacre in Palestinian territories began in 1918 with the withdrawal of the Ottoman Empire. Palestinians were forced to migrate. Millions of Palestinians went to neighboring countries. The situation of those who stayed was worse than those who left. The state of Israel was established, and occupation and genocide policies were continued as state policies. On this Nakba day, I send my greetings to all our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Sooner or later, Palestinians will return to their homes.''


''The world cannot remain pure without holding the perpetrators of the Gaza genocide accountable. No one should expect us to soften our stance. These people are as cruel as they are arrogant, as barbaric as they are spoiled. They killed people with hunger and thirst. They directed people to supposedly safe areas and bombed those places. They made mothers collect the pieces of their children. Even Hitler was not this blatant or audacious when carrying out the Holocaust. These people are so reckless that they killed doctors, children, and babies in cradles in front of cameras during live broadcasts. They will not escape this. God willing, they will be held accountable and punished for this in the world. They are trying to put pressure on international courts. They think they can defy the world. Who do you think you are? Do you think you can get away with this by tearing it up in a small paper shredder? You will pay the price.''


''We will continue to stand by Hamas, which fights for its own land and defends Anatolia. If Israel is not stopped, it will set its sights on Anatolia.

Even if I am left alone, I will continue to defend the rights of the oppressed. Cowards cannot erect a Monument of Victory. In our political life spanning half a century, we have not been among the fearful, the timid, or those who flee when faced with difficulties. There were times when we challenged the guardianship, challenged the bloody-handed terrorist organizations, and challenged the traitorous FETÖ members. Whoever aims to harm our homeland, our future, we will continue to stand tall against them.

We will continue to stand by the Palestinian people until the killers in Gaza are held accountable before the law.'' Erdoğan said.