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Israel rejects UN resolution on Palestine’s membership

Anadolu Agency MIDDLE EAST
Published May 15,2024
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (File Photo)

The Israeli government on Wednesday rejected a UN General Assembly resolution calling for the reevaluation of Palestine's UN membership bid and granting it additional rights.

"Today, the Government opposed last week's UN decision to advance recognition of a Palestinian state," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said in a statement.

"Nobody will prevent us, will prevent Israel, from realizing our basic right to self-defense-neither the UN General Assembly nor any other body. We will stand together with our head held high in order to defend our country," it added.

The Israeli government said that the UN General Assembly resolution will not change the status of the territories in question.

"Nothing in it will grant any right, or detract from any rights of the State of Israel and Jewish People in the Land of Israel," it added. The resolution "will not constitute a basis for future negotiations, and does not advance a peaceful solution."

Palestine applied for full membership in the UN in 2011 but did not receive the necessary support from the Security Council. In 2012, Palestine obtained "permanent observer status" at the UN.