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German doctor and his family killed in Israel's deadly airstrike on Gaza Strip

As reported by German media, a family of six from Germany tragically lost their lives in the Gaza bombing by Israel. The Süddeutsche Zeitung has identified the victims as Yousuf Abujadallah, who served as a doctor in Germany, his wife Ayah, and their children Salahuddin (10), Mohammed (9), Abdulrahman (3), and infant Omar.

Anadolu Agency MIDDLE EAST
Published December 09,2023

A 6-member German family was killed in the Israeli bombing of Gaza, German media reported.

According to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, Yousuf Abujadallah, who worked as a doctor in Germany, his wife Ayah, and their children Salahuddin (10), Mohammed (9), Abdulrahman (3) and Omar, who was an infant, were killed in Gaza as a result of Israeli bombing.

Yousuf Abujadallah went to Gaza on Nov. 1 to visit his family before starting work at a hospital in Dortmund. He wanted to build a house on a plot of land he bought here. However, he died on Oct. 25 in the living room of the house where he was staying with his family as a result of Israeli attacks.

Ahmed Abujadallah, the brother of Yousuf Abujadallah, said that they were able to recover the bodies of his brother and his family from the rubble after 2 weeks.

According to the report, the family was killed on Nov. 10.

"Unfortunately, we now have to assume that a German family is among the victims of the conflict in Gaza," the German Foreign Office said.

Abujadallah and his family were the first German citizens to die in Gaza as a result of Israeli bombardments.

Israel resumed its military offensive on the Gaza Strip on Dec. 1 after the end of a week-long humanitarian pause with the Palestinian group Hamas.

At least 17,487 Palestinians have been killed and more than 46,480 others injured in relentless air and ground attacks on the enclave since Oct. 7 following a cross-border attack by Hamas.

The Israeli death toll in the Hamas attack stood at 1,200, according to official figures.