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Who should be the custodian of Jerusalem, and to whom is Jerusalem entrusted?

"As debates surrounding Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and the 'promised land' continue to escalate, I feel compelled to delve into these matters by posing the following questions: Who should inhabit Jerusalem and who is responsible for its care? Unlike other cities (apart from Mecca), Jerusalem holds a deeper significance beyond its physical and geographical attributes. Hence, it becomes a moral duty to contemplate who rightfully owns or should be entrusted with it," underlined Fikriyat columnist Ekrem Demirli.

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All of creation, from the highest heavens to the depths of Earth, is under the absolute ownership of Allah. No individual has the inherent authority to lay claim to possessions, and no one can exert control over nature or others by justifying their rule through power or any other means. Going against this fundamental law, which encompasses all belief systems, classifies one as an oppressor or a transgressor.