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Gaza ‘looks like it's been hit by an earthquake, except it's man-made’: UNRWA official

Juliette Touma, the UNRWA communications director, described the extensive destruction in the Gaza Strip resulting from Israeli bombardments as unprecedented. She emphasized the man-made nature of the devastation, expressing concern about the use of essential resources as weapons of war due to the tightened Israeli blockade on Gaza. Touma reported the largest displacement of Palestinians since 1948, with around 800,000 people seeking refuge in UNRWA facilities. She lamented the lack of safe places in Gaza and the tragic loss of 103 UN employees during the conflict.

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A top official of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) said Thursday that the scale of destruction in the Gaza Strip from Israeli bombardments is unprecedented, with nearly every single person not having enough food and most without access to clean drinking water.