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Macron warns Britain not playing with France's nerves on post-Brexit fishing licences

Macron vowed Friday that France would insist on securing the licenses sought by French fishermen for catches in the waters of Jersey, a British crown dependency, amid a deepening post-Brexit access dispute. "We did not get what we wanted. They are playing with our nerves. We are going to continue to fight, we will not abandon our fishermen," Macron told journalists.

Published November 19,2021

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday urged Brtain to meet its commitments on post-Brexit fishing licences, adding France would not yield on the matter and that Britain was playing with France's nerves.

"We did not get what we wanted. They are playing with our nerves," Macron told reporters during a visit in northern France.

France and Britain have been at loggerheads over the number of licences London allocated to French fishing boats after Britain left the European Union. France says many are missing, while London says it is respecting the deal.