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French auto giant Renault charged with 'deceit' in diesel emissions probe

A Paris court has indicted Group for "deception" in a case of modifying the pollutant emissions measurements of older models of diesel vehicles, the French automobile giant said Tuesday, refuting the indictment.

Published June 09,2021
French carmaker Renault (RNSDY.PK, RNSDF.PK, RNT.L) says that it has been charged with "deceit" by a French court in relation to a diesel emissions probe launched in 2017.

Several carmakers in Europe have come under scrutiny since the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal, which erupted in 2015 after test-cheating allegations in the United States.

Renault denied any wrongdoing. The company said that its vehicles are not equipped with any rigging software for pollution control devices.

Renault said it has always complied with French and European regulations. Its vehicles have all and always been type-approved in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The French court has ordered Renault to pay a bail of 20 million euros (24.3 million dollars), 18 million of which will be dedicated to the potential payment of damages and fines.

The court has also ordered the company to provide a bank guarantee of 60 million euros dedicated to the potential compensation for losses.