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Japanese premier considering replacing ministers over fundraising scandals

Anadolu Agency ASIA
Published December 10,2023

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is considering replacing all ministers from a faction of his ruling party over a series of political fundraising scandals, local media reported on Sunday.

The ministers in question belong to the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) faction previously headed by former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Tokyo-based Kyodo News reported, citing unnamed sources privy to Kishida.

Kishida has already decided to sack Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno over his alleged failure to report millions of yen received as part of fundraising efforts for the party faction, which is the largest within the ruling party.

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura faces similar charges.

Along with the ministers, all senior vice ministers and parliamentary vice ministers from Abe's faction, are also likely to be replaced.

The scandals came to the fore on the heels of a criminal complaint alleging that five LDP factions, including Kishida's group, underreported their revenue from political fundraising parties.

Kishida has already quit leading the faction over the scandals, though he is expected to stay on as premier.