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Tornadoes sweep central US, kill at least 18

Over the Memorial Day weekend, a series of dangerous storms and tornadoes tore through the Southern and Great Plains regions of the US, resulting in 18 fatalities and leaving numerous residences and companies without electricity.

Anadolu Agency AMERICAS
Published May 27,2024

A flurry of deadly storms and tornadoes that swept through the South and the Great Plains in the US over Memorial Day weekend killed at least 18 people and left hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses without power.

According to NBC News, eight storm-induced deaths were reported in the state of Arkansas, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during a news conference - seven storm-induced deaths were reported in Cooke County, Texas; two in Oklahoma's Mayes County; and one in Kentucky's Louisville.

Over 334,000 customers were left without power Sunday evening in Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, Tennessee and Arkansas, the NBC reported based on data from

Tornado warnings were issued in Texas and Oklahoma states as severe storms with possible tornadoes swept through the southern part of the US, including Texas and Oklahoma, on Saturday night.

Tornado watches and warnings continued on Sunday across various states, including Kentucky.