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Protesters in Croatia call on Germany to stop supporting Gaza genocide

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published April 17,2024
(AA Photo)

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Croatia gathered Tuesday in front of the German Embassy in the capital Zagreb and demanded that Germany stop supporting Israel's genocide in Gaza.

Participants of the demonstration, which was organized by the Free Palestine Initiative, came to the embassy with their hands painted red and unfurled a banner that said "Germany, stop supporting genocide."

The demonstrators also reacted to Germany's termination of the Palestine Congress in the capital Berlin last week, which was attended by academics and activists.

One of the demonstrators, Aneta Vladimirov, told the media that the red paint on their hands symbolizes the blood on the hands of Germany.

"We came here by painting our hands red to symbolize the blood on the hands of Germany, which continues to export weapons to Israel despite the killing of approximately 40,000 people in Gaza,'' said Vladimirov.

"This is how Germany becomes a party to genocide," she added.

The Palestine Congress, which started with a delay on April 12, was shut down by the police.

Palestinian researcher Salman Abu Sitta attended the congress via a live stream.

The police allowed 250 people to enter the hall but intervened and ended the live broadcast and then cut off the hall's electricity. They then announced that the congress had been terminated and asked everyone to leave the hall.