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US expects 'limited scope' Israeli response against Iran: Report

According to CNN. Insight from a senior US official and intelligence sources suggests Israel may be considering a narrow strike on Iranian territory. However, Israel has not yet formally notified the US of its intentions.

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published April 16,2024

The US expects any Israeli military action to be of a "limited scope," amid a military escalation with Iran following an Iranian attack against Israel, according to a report Tuesday.

Insights from a senior US administration official and an intelligence source that were disclosed to CNN, shed light on the dynamics shaping Israel's potential reaction to recent hostilities.

Sources familiar with US intelligence said there are indications that Israel is contemplating a narrow and restricted strike within Iranian territory. The potential response comes in the wake of what Israeli officials perceive as the need for "kinetic action" following the scale of the Iranian attack.

Despite the developments, Israel has yet to formally notify the US of its intentions or the timing of any prospective military operation, the sources said.

Expressing concern about the lack of advance communication, a senior US official noted the importance of being prepared to safeguard military and diplomatic American personnel across the volatile region.

"We would hope that they would give us some warning so that we're prepared to protect our personnel, not just military but diplomatic throughout the region," said the official.

Expressing confidence that if Israel refrains from taking military action, the situation would deescalate and return to the status quo, the official stressed that any further escalation could potentially lead to dire consequences.

"If Israel did not respond, the US is confident that there will be de-escalation," said the official. "But any additional move now opens up a series of other possibilities, some of which are quite frightening."