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Russian foreign minister laughs at question on Macron's troop deployment remarks on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov chuckled in response to a reporter's inquiry regarding French President Emmanuel Macron's comments on the possible deployment of troops to Ukraine.

Agencies and A News WORLD
Published March 01,2024

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov laughed when a reporter questioned him about French President Emmanuel Macron's remarks concerning the potential deployment of troops to Ukraine.

Currently in Türkiye's southern Antalya province for the Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF), Lavrov glared at the reporter who posed the question as he was leaving a panel.

"Mr. Lavrov, what do you want to say about Macron's recent remarks on sending troops to Ukraine?" the reporter asked.

On Monday, following a summit in Paris in support of Ukraine, Macron said: "There is no consensus today that ground troops should be deployed in an official, accepted, and endorsed way. But nothing should be ruled out."

He added: "We will do everything necessary to ensure that Russia cannot win this war."