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Netanyahu government in Israel should stand trial at ICC over Gaza massacres: Erdoğan

During his return from a day-long visit to Germany, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reiterated his criticism of Israel's actions in Gaza and emphasized the need for the Israeli government to be held accountable at the International Criminal Court. The Turkish leader underlined that there is sufficient evidence to support this course of action and promised to use all available means to ensure that impartial punishment is delivered for these crimes.

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published November 18,2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Saturday once again criticized Israel for its actions in Gaza, saying there is "ample evidence" to hold the Israeli government accountable at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

"There is ample evidence for the Israeli administration to be tried at the International Criminal Court. We will do everything in our power to ensure that these crimes are punished impartially," Erdoğan said as he returned from a day-long visit to Germany.

Speaking of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing increased scrutiny over his failure to prevent the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas, the Turkish leader said: "Netanyahu is a goner; we are about to get rid of him. Hopefully, Israel will get rid of him, and all the Jews in the world will get rid of him. Currently, 60-70% of his own country's citizens oppose Netanyahu."

He said Türkiye has stood by the oppressed in Gaza and will continue to do so. "Israel is attempting to obstruct aid and starve Gaza of food and water. But we do not give up," he said.

"Regardless of the obstacles, we will continue to keep Gaza alive. The entire world, particularly Islamic countries, should mobilize to provide aid."

Israel has continued its air and ground attacks on Gaza since the surprise offensive by Hamas, killing at least 12,000 Palestinians. The official death toll in Israel stands at about 1,200.

Thousands of buildings, including hospitals, mosques and churches, have also been damaged or destroyed.

Israel has defied international calls for a cease-fire unless all of the hostages captured by Hamas during its attacks last month are returned.