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Israel's claims portraying Shifa Hospital as Hamas stronghold refuted by British media

The Guardian, a British newspaper, stressed that their evidence was lacking in support of the allegations that Hamas had taken over Shifa Hospital – emptied by Israel – as their base. According to the news report, the BBC commentator discredited the assertion of a gun bag found behind an MRI machine at Shifa Hospital in Israel. It was later revealed that he had obtained images indicating that the weapons were not originally there.

Agencies and A News WORLD
Published November 18,2023

The Guardian newspaper stressed that their evidence on the allegations that Hamas used Israel's vacated Shifa Hospital as their headquarters was deemed "inadequate".

The BBC commentator countered the claim [asserted by the Israeli side] by denying the presence of a gun bag behind an MRI machine, supported by images indicating that the weapons were placed there at a later time.

According to The Guardian's report, the Israeli Defense Ministry went to great lengths to portray the Shifa Hospital as a Hamas stronghold from where attacks were being planned before taking it over. However, it has been observed that the evidence does not support these claims and the video released by the Israeli Ministry of Defense only showed small weapons present within the hospital.

According to The Guardian, the recent report highlighted the lack of evidence for weapons, ammunition, or military activity at the Shifa Hospital. This contradicted the images previously released by Israel prior to their taking control of the hospital.

As per recent reports, the BBC commentator has challenged the claim made by Israeli forces that a gun bag was discovered behind an MRI machine at Shifa Hospital. Additionally, he has presented proof in the form of images indicating that the weapons were placed there at a later time.

The Guardian further notes that BBC journalists have countered the assertion that the video footage was unedited and allege that it was indeed altered.

The Israeli military conducted a morning operation on October 15 at Shifa Hospital, the largest healthcare center in the area. The building was housing numerous patients and civilians who had been displaced in Gaza.

In response to criticisms, Israel provided proof of weapons and cameras discovered in the facility during the raid, rather than tunnels and ammunition depots.

During the Israeli army's raid on Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Hamas cautioned against potential massacres and placed responsibility for the safety of medical personnel, injured individuals, and the thousands of displaced Palestinians on Israel, the United States and the international community.