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Climate activists see surge in support following German raids

Published May 25,2023

The nationwide raid targeting the Last Generation climate group in Germany sparked a wave of support for the activists, Last Generation said in a statement on Thursday, following a large-scale police operation a day earlier.

Following Wednesday's raid targeting 15 properties affiliated with members of the group in seven German states, the activists called for people to join protest marches in several cities, including Berlin and Munich.

The rally in the German capital drew several hundred people on Wednesday evening, making it the largest to date, Last Generation said.

In the wake of the raids, the group has also received numerous donations, the statement said, adding the group would expand its protests as planned.

"We notice that there is a lot of support coming in. We are growing and we will continue to expand our protest, because we are not doing this for fun," Last Generation activist Raphael Thelen told public broadcaster ARD on Thursday morning.

Police officers and public prosecutor officials targeted properties of the group on Wednesday morning.

The raids were related to numerous criminal charges filed against members of the group since last year, according to the Munich General Public Prosecutor's Office and the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office. Seven suspects between 22 and 38 years old are accused of forming or supporting a criminal organization.

Last Generation, whose members are known for gluing themselves onto roads, has denied having engaged in any criminal activities.

Among other goals, the group demands that the German government come up with a plan to achieve the international goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial times.