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Russian Defense Ministry reports destruction of US-made weapons in Ukraine

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published February 24,2023

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Friday that four US-made HIMARS rockets were downed over the past day.

Speaking at a press briefing in Moscow, ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that apart from four HIMARS rockets, six drones were shot down by the Russian air defense systems.

"Also, the US-made M777 artillery system, the Polish-made Krab self-propelled artillery system, as well as the US-made AN/TPQ-36 counter-battery radar were destroyed," Konashenkov said.

On Feb. 24 last year, Russia declared its "special military operation" in Ukraine, which has resulted in the death of at least 8,006 civilians and 13,287 injuries, according to the latest UN figures.