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World must hold Israel accountable for crimes against humanity: Türkiye

Anadolu Agency TÜRKIYE
Published May 28,2024
(AA File Photo)

Turkish Communications Director Fahrettin Altun accused the Israeli government on Monday of perpetuating a regime characterized by relentless violence and human rights abuses against Palestinians.

"The Israeli government has an insatiable thirst for the blood and tears of innocent people. There is a murderous regime in Tel Aviv that has been committing a genocide right before the eyes of the civilized world," he said on X.

Altun also said that the international community has failed to respond adequately to the crisis.

He highlighted what he described as an ongoing and systematic campaign of aggression against "starved, homeless and defenseless people," which he said constitutes a severe affront to humanity's collective conscience.

He criticized the deeply rooted disregard for human life within the Israeli government, labeling it "shameful, horrible and disgusting."

Altun pointed to the role of global superpowers in enabling Israel's actions, noting that Israel's longstanding occupation and dispossession of Palestinians have been sustained with the support of powerful allies, particularly the U.S., which he said has pretended to broker peace while in reality facilitating the continuation of the occupation.

"Israel is telling us all very openly that it was all lies and deception. Their only goal was to perpetuate and expand the occupation," he said.

Addressing the broader international community, he also called for a united stand against the violence inflicted upon Palestinian civilians, including women, children and the elderly.

He emphasized the necessity of global action, despite potential resistance from Israel's allies.

"We must stand up to Israel together, even if its patrons will continue to protect them," he said.

Altun called for immediate efforts to end the violence and establish a Palestinian state, emphasizing that the world cannot afford further delay.

He also stressed the importance of accountability, insisting that those responsible for the violence must be brought to justice.

"Human rights and dignity cannot remain on paper only," he said, urging so-called civilized nations to live up to their professed ideals.

In concluding his statement, Altun reiterated the urgency of holding Israel accountable for its actions, calling it a matter of moral and ethical responsibility for the global community.

"It is past time that Israel is held accountable for its crimes against humanity," he asserted, underscoring the need for concrete international measures to address the ongoing crisis.