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Türkiye's 1st neuroscience research center opens in Ankara

Anadolu Agency TÜRKIYE
Published March 09,2024

The Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Center of Excellence (NOROM), Türkiye's first multidisciplinary neuroscience center, will make a "significant contribution" to protecting and improving brain health, as well as developing new methods to combat diseases such as Alzheimer's, autism and migraine.

NOROM head Hayrunnisa Bolay Belen at a press briefing in Ankara provided details about the center, which was established in collaboration with Gazi University and Middle East Technical University in Ankara.

Using Siemens Healthineers' MRI system, NOROM aims to advance brain research in Türkiye.

The system, which can obtain detailed brain images and is the first of its kind in Türkiye, is critical for measuring brain activity, understanding the interactions between brain regions, and diagnosing, treating, and researching brain diseases.

NOROM and Siemens Healthineers Türkiye are preparing to sign a research contract to contribute to the development of medical imaging technology in the near future.


Belen said the center will attract researchers from all over the world.

Despite being a "very new center," with infrastructure that can be preferred by the "best in different parts" of the world, she emphasized that NOROM aims to actively engage in neuroscience and neurotechnology research globally.

"We prioritize discovering molecular, biochemical, imaging and electrophysiological fingerprints specific to neuropsychiatric disorders and brain diseases and defining new treatment targets," she added.

NOROM aspires to be a "leading hub" for researchers worldwide, attracting talent through its mission, infrastructure, and diverse research opportunities, Belen pointed out.

Metehan Cicek, the head of the NOROM Neuroimaging Unit, said on the occasion that Türkiye's three important universities have "very strong teams in different fields."

They have formed a "great union of forces," Cicek emphasized, adding, "NOROM is a national center, open to all researchers and scientists with projects. Anyone with a project can use this center."


Siemens Healthineers Türkiye General Manager Enis Sonemel stated that they are proud to add another first to their list of accomplishments in Türkiye with NOROM, which represents an important first in terms of scientific research.

Sonemel said they have installed the MRI system, which is used in a few research centers around the world and is a first in Türkiye.

"We are proud to bring this system, which creates excitement for the scientific world and is thought to contribute to important scientific advances in the field of brain health, to our country," he added.

Sonemel said the company's medical technology products and services add value to health care professionals, institutions, and patients alike.

"In addition, we have been working for many years to provide the necessary technology, know-how and research areas to realize the potential of the academic world in Türkiye, especially in the field of medical imaging," he stressed.

Through partnerships with hospitals and universities, including an upcoming agreement with NOROM, Sonemel noted that they aim to enhance the country's research quality and quantity.