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Türkiye summons Swedish envoy over PKK demonstration in Stockholm

Türkiye summoned Sweden's ambassador to Ankara on Thursday, a diplomatic source said, over a demonstration in Stockholm by the supporters of the PKK/YPG terror group.

Anadolu Agency TÜRKIYE
Published January 12,2023
(AA File Photo)

The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Thursday summoned Staffan Herrstrom, the Swedish ambassador in Ankara, to convey the country's reaction to a propaganda demonstration by supporters of the PKK/YPG terror group in Stockholm.

"The Ambassador was informed with strong expressions that we strongly condemn and protest this heinous act, and demanded that such terrorist acts, which are a clear violation of Sweden's commitments with the tripartite testament, and which openly threaten our country, should not be allowed," said Turkish diplomatic sources.

Herrstrom was also told that Türkiye expects the perpetrators of the act to be identified, that necessary actions be taken and that Sweden fulfills its commitments under the tripartite deal signed last year under NATO auspices, the sources added.

Terror supporters gathered in front of the historical City Hall in the capital Stockholm, hung a puppet -- likened to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan -- by the feet on a pole in front of the building, and shared video footage of the moment on social media.

Footage posted later on a social media account affiliated with the terror group showed that threats targeting Türkiye and Erdoğan were made with Turkish subtitles.