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Chile seeks to expand visibility, presence in Türkiye: Envoy

Anadolu Agency TURKEY
Published June 21,2022

Chile is seeking to expand its visibility and presence in Türkiye, the Latin American country's envoy to Ankara told Anadolu Agency.

"Though we are geographically far, the perception of your country is very close to Chileans," said Rodrigo E. Arcos.

"Thanks to Turkish TV shows and soap operas, Turkish influence grows among Chileans," he said.

Chileans want to visit Türkiye which is the home country of Turkish actors and actresses they knew through television, he said.

"Against this backdrop, if Turkish Airlines launches direct flights between two countries, I am sure many Chileans would flock to Türkiye," said Arcos.

The ambassador said one would notice that "we are very alike, including being passionate about family and the motherland."

He noted the presence of a population that moved to Chile from Ottoman Syria, Lebanon and Palestine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries formed a bridge between the nations.

"They introduced essential knowledge about your geography and customs as well as various delicious desserts to Chile," said Arcos.

On the other hand, he said, Chile desires to strengthen the cultural ties between Turks and Chileans.

"In this context, we are working with said country's envoy in Türkiye's Ankara University to translate two books about Chilean literature and history into Turkish," according to the ambassador.

He said the Chilean Embassy has donated 200 books to the Turkish National Education Ministry to be used in a campaign organized under auspices of Turkish first lady Emine Erdoğan to include libraries at the schools across Türkiye.

One of the books is short stories by various Chilean authors and another is selected short texts and poems by well-known Chilean poet, educator, and humanist Gabriela Mistral, said Acros, adding that an additional 1,000 books will be provided free of charge by the embassy.

The ambassador said the embassy building will move to a new location which will be larger as the centenary of the Türkiye is approaching.

The move is to prove the importance we attribute to our relations with Türkiye, he said.