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EU grants Protected Designation of Origin status for Turkish premium hazelnuts

Anadolu Agency TURKEY
Published June 20,2022

The EU on Monday granted Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status for premium "Giresun Tombul" hazelnuts from Türkiye's Black Sea region.

The European Commission announced in a statement that it had approved "the addition of Giresun Tombul Fındığı (hazelnuts)" from Türkiye in the PDO register.

"Giresun Tombul Fındığı is a Turkish type of premium hazelnut grown in various municipalities of the Giresun and Trabzon provinces, close to the Black Sea," the statement said.

According to the description published in the EU's Official Journal, the "taste, flavor, and aroma left by the raw and roasted forms of 'Giresun Tombul Fındığı' in the mouth are very intensive."

"The hazelnuts are easy to chew and do not leave a feeling of dryness in the mouth, and the oil of the nuts is felt. Additionally, it does not leave a bitter taste when swallowing," it explains.

The decision also mentioned that the tradition of growing hazelnuts in Trabzon and Giresun provinces "dates back to ancient times," and that the plants are harvested from "extensive traditional orchards, on areas of sloping, sometimes traditional terraced ground."

The EU maintains a register for the names of agricultural products, foodstuffs, and drinks that enjoy protection across the bloc, featuring geographical indications and legal instruments of protection.