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Bayern Munich in energy crisis: no warm water, shorter illumination

Published August 04,2022

Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena will be illuminated three hours less than in the past and fans will only find cold water to wash their hands with in its toilets as the Bundesliga champions join German efforts to save energy in the current crisis.

The Sport Bild weekly said Thursday that the arena's lights will only come on for three hours after darkness falls instead of six.

Doing away with warm water in the toilets is another effort along with reducing air-conditioning and switching the undersoil heating from being run with gas to air source heat pumps which get their power from the arena's solar panels.

«In order to fulfill our ambitions in the area of sustainability, we have been working for a long time in various areas to further reduce our energy consumption," Bayern's financial chief Jan-Christian Dreesen was quoted as saying.

"In view of the current crisis, we have intensified these activities again," he added.