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Director Christopher Nolan to receive knighthood

Anadolu Agency MAGAZINE
Published March 29,2024
(EPA Photo)

British-American film director, producer and screenwriter Christopher Nolan and his wife, film producer Emma Thomas, will receive a knighthood and damehood respectively from Britain for their services to film.

The honors are formally awarded at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace, a royal residence in London, often by the British monarch.

Earlier this month, Nolan won his first-ever Oscar for Best Director for Oppenheimer, a dramatic biographical film about the inventor of the atomic bomb.

Oppenheimer blew up the 2024 Academy Awards in Hollywood on March 11, taking home seven Oscars, including the grand prize for Best Picture.

Previously, the 53-year-old had been nominated for six Academy Awards but had never won an Oscar for directing until this year.