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World's most expensive cheese breake record

Agencies and A News FOOD
Published August 31,2023

A 2.2 kg piece of Cabrales blue cheese from northern Spain has been sold at an auction for 30,000 euros, earning it the title of the world's most expensive cheese.

Guillermo Pendas, the cheese maker, stated to Spain's state news agency EFE, "We knew we had a good cheese, but we also knew that winning would be very difficult."

Rosa Vada, the owner of the Los Puertos factory, mentioned that the cheese matures at a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius in a cave at an altitude of 1,400 meters, where it stays for "at least eight months."

The cheese was sold to Iván Suárez, the owner of the El Llagar de Colloto restaurant in Asturias.

The regular price of Cabrales cheese ranges from 35 to 40 euros per kilogram.

This cheese is made using raw cow's milk or a combination of cow, sheep, and goat milk, and it matures in the caves of the Cabrales region in the Picos de Europa national park.

Matured cheeses are transported down the mountain from the caves by foot.

The price of the cheese bought by Suarez previously set a Guinness World Record in 2019 at 20,500 euros.