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European protestors take to streets to show support for oppresed Palestinians amid deadly Israel's attacks

Saturday saw a show of solidarity from protestors in Germany and France, as they gathered to support Palestine. In the heart of Paris, demonstrators occupied Human Rights Square near the iconic Eiffel Tower, representing the lives lost in Gaza due to Israel's recent airstrikes. Meanwhile, Berlin's Wittenbergplatz Square also served as a gathering point for supporters of Palestine, who expressed their messages of unity and backing.

Anadolu Agency EUROPE
Published December 10,2023

Protestors from Germany and France demonstrated Saturday to show support for Palestine.

In Paris, pro-Palestinian demonstrators lay down in Human Rights Square near the Eiffel Tower to symbolize Gazan civilians killed in Israel's airstrikes and bombs.

Protesters, symbolizing those responsible for the deaths of civilians in Gaza, raised their hands painted in red and covered their mouths with their other hand.

Demonstrators also gathered in Wittenbergplatz Square in Berlin and conveyed messages of support and solidarity for Palestine.

Attention was drawn to children and women killed in Israel's bombardments in Gaza.

Demonstrators carrying Palestinian and Turkish flags chanted slogans such as "Freedom for Palestine", "Freedom for Gaza", "Stop the genocide", "Gaza is bleeding silently because the world doesn't want to see" and "Germany funds, Israel bombs."