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Parisian protesters stage anti-war demonstration by lying down to symbolize Gazan civilians killed by Israel

In Paris, the French capital, a demonstration was held by pro-Palestinian activists. They lay on the ground in Human Rights Square near the iconic Eiffel Tower, symbolizing the Gazan civilians who lost their lives in Israel's attacks.

Agencies and A News EUROPE
Published December 11,2023

In the French capital Paris, pro-Palestinian demonstrators organized a protest by lying on the ground to symbolize the Gazan civilians killed in Israel's attacks.

Pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in Human Rights Square near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Wearing white overalls to represent the Gazans who lost their lives under Israel's attacks and bombs, the demonstrators lay on the ground in the square.

Symbolizing those responsible for the deaths of civilians in Gaza, the protesters raised their hands painted in red to the air, while covering their mouths with their other hands.

Carrying Palestinian flags and wearing Palestinian keffiyehs around their necks, the demonstrators chanted slogans such as "Free Palestine," "Gaza, Paris is with you," and "Gaza, we are all with you."

Those participating in the protest carried a Palestinian flag of meters in size, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Police officers who arrived at the scene took a woman participating in the demonstration to the police station for identity check.