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Last Generation protestors block Munich streets ahead of motor show

Published August 24,2023

The Last Generation climate activist group brought road traffic in Munich to a partial halt on Thursday with blockades throughout the city.

About 25 protestors glued themselves to the street at six locations in the Bavarian capital, according to local police, while the German activist group said it was twice as many. Police diverted traffic around the blockades and removed the protestors.

Last Generation said in a statement that they wanted to make Munich "a protest stronghold for weeks," leading up to the IAA car show next month.

The group said that they would not stop their protests, even under the threat of criminal proceedings, fines and detention.

The activist group accuses the German government of ignoring climate warnings. They demand that Germany implement a 100 km/h speed limit on motorways, provide cheap public transportation and work towards ending the country's use of fossil fuels by 2030.

The activists have protested on city streets, motorways and airports, as well as disrupting theatre performances and glueing themselves to paintings in museums.