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Berlinale artistic director to leave festival after 2024 edition

Published September 02,2023

The current artistic director of the Berlin annual film festival, Carlo Chatrian, will leave the festival after next year's edition, he announced in a personal statement on the Berlinale website on Saturday.

"I thought that continuity could be facilitated if I remained part of the festival, but, in the new structure as it has been presented, it is quite clear that the conditions for me to continue as artistic director no longer exist," the statement said.

A spokeswoman for the festival confirmed that Chatrian also sees no place for himself in the new concept beyond directing.

On Thursday, Germany's Commissioner for Culture Claudia Roth announced that the Berlinale would no longer be run by a dual leadership, but by one artistic director.

There was the prospect that Chatrian could remain on the Berlinale team, but this has now been dashed.

"The next edition of the festival will be therefore the end of this rewarding journey," read Chatrian's statement.

Chatrian has directed the Berlinale in recent years together with Mariette Rissenbeek.

Shortly after the 2023 festival, it was announced that Rissenbeek would not be renewing her contract as managing director.

The dual leadership is still to complete the upcoming 74th Berlinale together, and the new management is to take up the job afterwards, a spokesman for Roth said on Thursday.