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9 injured in potent western Japan earthquake

Anadolu Agency ASIA
Published April 18,2024
Workers look at a closed off section of the national highway after rocks fell across the road when a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit southern Japan late the night before, in the city of Ozu, Ehime prefecture on April 18, 2024. (AFP Photo)

At least nine people were injured in a magnitude 6.6 earthquake that recently hit western Japan, local media said on Thursday.

Six people in Ehime Prefecture and one in Kochi Prefecture sustained minor injuries, while two were hurt in Oita Prefecture in the Kyushu region of southwestern Japan, Tokyo-based Kyodo News agency reported.

Authorities suspended services on some lines of the Shikoku Railway in the wake of the tremor, while temporary evacuations also took place in Sukumo.

Water supplies were also disrupted in the city due to pipes bursting in several locations, according to the agency.

Authorities said no abnormalities were detected at the Ikata nuclear power plant in Ehime, with its No. 3 unit continuing operations despite the earthquake.