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Turkish fighter jets hit several more YPG/PKK targets in northern Syria

The Turkish National Defense Ministry has reported that Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting scores of YPG/PKK targets in northern Syria. These airstrikes resulted in the neutralization of numerous terrorists, as well as the destruction of shelters, depots, and so-called bases that were considered to be housing responsible terrorists.

Agencies and A News ANTI-TERROR FIGHT
Published October 06,2023

In a statement released by the Ministry of National Defense, it was explained that, "In accordance with the right to self-defense outlined in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, air operations were conducted at 22:00 in northern Syria. The primary objectives of these operations were to neutralize the terrorist organization PKK/YPG and other terrorist elements and to eliminate terrorist attacks targeting both the local population and security forces from the northern border of Syria, thereby ensuring border security."

During these air operations, a total of 15 targets were destroyed, including structures believed to serve as headquarters, shelters, and warehouses, which were associated with high-ranking terrorists. The operations were carried out using a significant amount of domestically produced ammunition, resulting in the neutralization of many terrorists.

The statement pointed out: "The Turkish Armed Forces, supported by the unwavering spirit of the nation, will persistently and resolutely combat terrorism to safeguard the country and its people, as it has done in the past. The commitment is to eradicate terrorism entirely. Furthermore, the statement assured that every precaution has been taken to prevent harm to innocent civilians, friendly forces, historical and cultural assets, as well as the environment during these operations."