German vet student gives Turkish stray dog new life

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A chance meeting with a young German exchange student gave a wounded Turkish dog a new chance, a new home, and a new life.

Last July Heidi Peltola, who is studying to be a veterinarian in Frankfurt, came to the Turkish Black Sea city of Sinop under Erasmus+, the EU program for young people to live, work, and train in Europe.

In Sinop she volunteered as an intern at a stray animal shelter, which is where she first met a dog who was wounded, but sported a handsome mane of whitish fur.

While nursing him back to health, she formed an emotional bond with the dog, whom she named Pamuk (Cotton).

She decided to adopt the former stray and so took it back to her apartment in Sinop.

Love across countries

After her internship ended she had to return to Frankfurt, but always intended to come back for Pamuk.

She wanted to take Pamuk with her when she first went back, but the procedures were too complicated.

But now, she said, "I completed the official procedures to take Pamuk with me. Pamuk will live in Germany with me and I hope everything goes well."

She added: "I've had such good times here in Turkey. Turkish people are very kind."

Irem Ebru Kuru, an official at the charity that runs the shelter, said Peltola worked very hard for stray animals in Sinop. Kuru thanked Peltola for her services and urged more people to take care of stray animals.

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