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North Korea slams U.S. for subcritical nuclear test, vows to strengthen its nuclear deterrence

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published May 20,2024

North Korea on Monday condemned the U.S. for conducting a subcritical nuclear test last week, describing it as destabilizing the global security environment and exacerbating nuclear tensions, and announced that it is considering measures to strengthen its nuclear deterrence in response to the latest situation.

The Foreign Ministry in a statement condemned the U.S.'s actions as a dangerous escalation, expressing concern about the destabilization of the global security environment and the exacerbation of nuclear tensions among major powers, according to Pyongyang-based KCNA.

The ministry said North Korea is considering measures to improve overall nuclear deterrence in response to "the strategic instability in the region and the rest of the world caused by the unilateral actions of the U.S."

The statement, which opposed any strategic imbalance or security vacuum on the Korean Peninsula, emphasized that this measure would be within its sovereign rights.

The U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) announced last week that a subcritical nuclear test was conducted in Nevada.

Subcritical tests are non-explosive experiments to study nuclear materials, aiding nuclear nonproliferation efforts and verifying weapon reliability.