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Spain to send Leopard 2 tanks and Patriot missiles to Ukraine in June

Published May 21,2024

Spain will deliver a further batch of German-made Leopard 2A4 battle tanks, along with Patriot anti-aircraft missiles and other ammunition to Ukraine, by the end of June, the Defence Ministry in Madrid announced on Monday.

Defence Minister Margarita Robles had confirmed the delivery during a video conference with US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, the ministry said.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's government sent 10 Leopard 2A4s last year, and in March announced that a further 19 would be delivered this year, with the first 10 promised by the end of June and the remaining nine following in September.

Spain had around 100 Leopard 2A4s in stock along with considerably more than 200 Leopard 2A6s. The latter are being retained for the Spanish army.

On Monday, Robles stressed the "significant efforts" that Spain was making to support Ukraine in fighting off the Russian invasion. She mentioned in particular the training given to Ukrainian troops.

Spain would support Ukraine for as long as necessary, she said.