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17 of 20 Americans stranded in Gaza hospital are out: White House

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published May 18,2024

Seventeen out of 20 Americans who were stranded in a Gaza hospital are out now, the White House said on Friday.

The doctors were part of a group of international doctors trapped at the European Hospital near KHan Younis in the Gaza Strip after Israel's closing of Rafah crossing.

Speaking at a briefing, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said those "who wanted to leave" came out on Friday. He did not provide further details.

"I won't speak for the other three, but just I can assure you that any of them that wanted to leave are out now," he told reporters.

The group was scheduled to depart Monday but was not able to because of the closure of the border crossing between Gaza and Israel.

Israel seized the border post last week as it began its avowed invasion of Rafah.