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Polish prime minister receives death threats after shooting of Slovakian counterpart

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published May 16,2024
Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk (EPA File Photo)

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk wrote Thursday on X that he received death threats after the shooting of his Slovakian counterpart, Robert Fico.

Tusk showed a post directed at him.

"Today, Slovaks gave us an example of what to do with Donald Tusk if he fails the CPK (a mega airport project planned by the previous government but now under review)," one user wrote Wednesday shortly after the attack on Fico.

"There was a lot of this yesterday. A vision of Poland," Tusk wrote, posting a screenshot of the comment.

Fico was shot Wednesday by a 71-year-old, who was quickly apprehended by police. He faces 25 years to life in prison.

In recent weeks, Tusk has warned of an imminent war with Russia and spoken about the intensification of Russian hybrid warfare, including cyber threats.