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NATO planning €100 billion military support fund for Ukraine

Published April 02,2024

NATO is planning military support for Ukraine worth €100 billion ($108 billion) over the next five years, multiple diplomats told dpa on Tuesday.

Proposed by the alliance's secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, the fund is to be debated at a NATO foreign ministers meeting on Wednesday. A final decision is expected at the alliance's Washington summit in July.

NATO is seeking new ways to support Ukraine against the full-scale Russian invasion, with Kiev warning of ammunition shortages hindering their defence.

The €100 billion package also aims to spread the burden of support for Ukraine among the alliance. Eastern alliance members, Germany and the United States, for instance, are making greater contributions in relation to their economy than other countries.

Further details to be agreed include whether previous pledges of military aid for Ukraine should be included in the NATO fund.

A second part of the alliance's plans to support Ukraine long-term against Russia involves a new NATO mission to coordinate deliveries of military aid and training for the Ukrainian military.

So far the US has assumed the primary role of coordinating arms deliveries to Ukraine through a body known as the Ukraine Contact Group.

According to diplomats, the aim of the mission, if approved by NATO allies, is to make Ukraine support less dependent on political developments in individual NATO countries and to spread greater responsibility among the alliance.

This is linked to concerns around the possible reelection of former US president Donald Trump.