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Europe 'not at war, not going to be': EU foreign policy chief on Russia-Ukraine war

Josep Borrell, the EU foreign policy chief, emphasized that Europe is not at war and has no intention of being involved in one, despite the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe, as Russia's war on Ukraine reached its two-year mark. He stressed the need to enhance defense capabilities but reiterated that sending troops is not on the agenda, as Europe is not engaged in a state of war.

Published April 02,2024

Europe is "not at war and not going to be," the EU foreign policy chief assured as Russia's war on Ukraine passed the two-year mark.

Speaking to the Spanish TV channel La Sexta on Monday, Josep Borrell said: "We are not at war and we are not going to be, but we must increase our defense capabilities."

"There is a war in Eastern Europe that does not seem to be coming to an end," Borrell said, calling on Europeans to understand that their peace is an "exception."

"The world is a violent world," he added.

Asked whether the EU is considering sending troops as French President Emmanuel Macron recommended, Borrell reiterated that such deployment is not on the agenda as "Europe is not at war."

"If we were at war, we would be talking about World War III," he said.