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Norway's King Harald hospitalized in Malaysia with infection

The Norwegian royal family announced on Tuesday that King Harald V of Norway has been hospitalized in Malaysia due to falling ill while vacationing there.

Published February 27,2024

Norway's King Harald V has been hospitalized in Malaysia after falling ill while on holiday there, the Norwegian royal family said on Tuesday.

The royal family said the monarch is suffering from an infection. He is being cared for by both Malaysian and Norwegian doctors.

The king, who is the oldest monarch in Europe, celebrated his 87th birthday almost a week ago.

The royal family had announced in advance that Harald was planning a private trip abroad - but exactly where and when had been left open.

Harald has occupied the Norwegian throne since 1991, after taking over from his father King Olav V.

The king has struggled with health issues of late, including several hospital stays for infections. He underwent surgery to replace a heart valve in 2020.

Harald said recently that he had no plans to imitate Danish Queen Margrethe II, who abdicated in January at the age of 83.