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Greek police arrest 6 over alleged links to bombings, threat to court

Anadolu Agency EUROPE
Published February 27,2024

Greek police said in an official statement that they arrested six people in the capital Athens over alleged links to at least four bombings and sending of threat letter to a court.

The police added that four prison inmates are also accused in the same case.

The accused are connected to at least five cases, including four bombings-including three in Athens-and sending a threatening letter laced with explosives to the courthouse of the northern port city of Thessaloniki, the police said.

It added that various firearms, bullets, drugs, cars, cellphones and computers, among other items, were confiscated after the searches done in nine different houses and three prison cells.

Conspiracy Revenge, recognized as a terror group by Greek authorities, has claimed bombings in Athens which took place last year and this year, and the threat letter to the court earlier this month.