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Turkish FM Fidan: UN Security Council is in need of reform

During the Global Governance Reform session at the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Brazil, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan expressed the necessity for UN Security Council reform on Thursday. He emphasized the council's incapability to address numerous global concerns, such as the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Anadolu Agency WORLD
Published February 22,2024

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said Thursday there is a need to reform the UN Security Council because it is unable to take steps regarding a lot of global issues, including the Gaza Strip.

Fidan attended the Global Governance Reform session on day two of the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Brazil, where he emphasized that strong multilateral institutions and effective global governance mechanisms are needed to overcome geopolitical tensions in the multipolar new world order.

He said it is essential to realize the need for the change to occur and priority should be given to reforming the Security Council, according to Turkish diplomatic sources.

Fidan said the Council "casts a shadow on the reputation of the entire UN system" and a "more democratic, and accountable system," based on the parameters of international law is needed.

Sources said Fidan also noted that the international financial system should be "truly inclusive, rule-based, more transparent and sustainable."

He said to close the gap between developed and developing countries, international financial institutions and multilateral development banks should adopt policies suitable for developing and least-developed countries.

Otherwise, Fidan said, the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved.

He added that the G20 has an important role to play in helping that occurs.