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Tips for understanding and analyzing Türkiye's evolving foreign policy

Due to its strategic location and consequential role in both global and regional affairs, the course of Türkiye's foreign policy, as well as the methodologies employed to achieve its goals, captures the unwavering interest of the global community.

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Published August 15,2023

Given its strategic positioning and significant role in global and regional affairs, the trajectory of Türkiye's foreign policy, along with the strategies employed to attain its objectives, commands the attention of the international community.

The recent 14th Ambassadors Conference held in Ankara played a pivotal role in shaping the roadmap for enhancing the effectiveness and synchronization of Türkiye's foreign policy in the forthcoming era.

A paramount emphasis will be placed on fostering synergy and collaboration amongst various ministries, with a particular focus on Foreign Affairs, National Defense, and Interior.

Recognizing the intrinsic value of every piece of information and acknowledging that seemingly inconspicuous details can collectively form a comprehensive picture in Ankara, Turkish ambassadors and mission leaders spanning the globe will convey a broad spectrum of intelligence concerning Türkiye's security priorities to the central authority.

Efforts will be dedicated to cultivating vigilance and heightening awareness pertaining to cybersecurity. Leveraging its globally renowned, well-trained personnel network, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is poised to elevate its engagement as diplomats enhance their productivity.

Inaugurating the Ambassadors Conference, wherein the core objectives of Turkish diplomacy took center stage, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan outlined four overarching strategic aims of foreign policy: fostering regional peace and security, establishing sustainable foreign relations, cultivating a conducive environment for prosperity, and actively contributing to global objectives.

Fidan underlined that the conference critically evaluated the imperatives of Turkish diplomacy, the challenges and prospects confronting Türkiye on both the regional and global fronts, and emphasized, "Our analysis was carried out systematically, both in terms of geographical regions and thematic domains."