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Armenian Lobby, involved in "Atatürk" series cancellation, takes steps to fuel Disney Plus scandal

The reverberations of Disney Plus, the digital platform under FOX, succumbing to pressure from the Armenian lobby and withdrawing the series "Atatürk" from airing before it was even released, continue. The series, which cost 8 million dollars to produce and holds international significance, has sparked backlash due to the decision to air it "locally" on FOX TV following pressure from the Armenian lobby. Meanwhile, an Armenian newspaper persists in its provocations.

Agencies and A News WORLD
Published August 10,2023

The Armenian lobby, aiming to amplify the Disney Plus scandal, has taken action. It has come to light that the president of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), held responsible for the cancellation of the "Atatürk" series, has faced numerous terrorism allegations in the past. In the midst of this, a scandalous call has been issued by an Armenian newspaper.

Following the announcement of Disney Plus' "Atatürk" series, the Armenian lobby organization ANCA in the United States initiated various campaigns to prevent the airing of the series. While ANCA's campaign was ongoing, on August 2nd, The Walt Disney Company released a statement indicating that the "Atatürk" series would not be available on the platform, but instead, it would be presented as two films on television and in theaters, produced by FOX and Lanistar Media.

Despite speculations about the impact of this decision and the campaign, ANCA once again came into the spotlight. ANCA is at the forefront of anti-Turkish organizations engaged in efforts such as the recognition of the so-called Armenian genocide across the entire United States and, if possible, imposing sanctions on Türkiye.

It is known that ANCA is not merely a lobbying organization; it is also associated with Armenian terrorist groups and supports terrorists, particularly those operating in the United States. Murad Topalyan, who has been affiliated with the organization since the 1970s, was arrested on "terrorism" charges in 1999 while serving as ANCA President. Following his trial, he was sentenced to imprisonment.

On the other hand, the Armenian newspaper has once again created a scandal. The Armenian Weekly, presenting its readers with a provocative article, asserted that a Walt Disney executive is inept.