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Putin accuses Ukraine of 'sabotaging' negotiating processs

Russia's President Vladimir Putin told Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer in a phone call on Friday that Ukraine has been "sabotaging" the negotiating process between warring sides Kyiv and Moscow, according to the Kremlin sources.

Agencies and A News WORLD
Published May 27,2022

Russia's President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of "sabotaging" the negotiating process between the two countries, the Kremlin said, citing comments he made to Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer in a phone call on Friday.

Putin also informed Nehammer about actions that Russia was taking to secure safe passage for vessels in the Azov and Black Seas, the Kremlin said in a statement.

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said Russian President Vladimir Putin told him on a telephone call on Friday that Moscow would meet its natural gas delivery commitments and was ready to discuss a prisoner swap with Ukraine.

Nehammer made the comments to reporters after the two leaders held a 45-minute call.

Asked what Putin had told him about gas deliveries, Nehammer said: "He also raised the subject (and said) that all deliveries would be completed in full."

In a separate statement, the Kremlin said Russia had reaffirmed its commitment to comply with contractual obligations on natural gas supplies to Austria, which gets 80% of its gas from Russia.

Nehammer, who visited Russia last month for talks with Putin, said the Russian leader had expressed readiness to discuss a prisoner swap with Ukraine.

"If he is really ready to negotiate is a complex question," he added.