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Renewed protests in France against controversial security law

A great number of French demonstrators, most wearing masks to protect against COVID-19, held a against a proposed security law in and other cities throughout France on Saturday.

Published January 16,2021

Thousands of people took to the streets in Paris and other cities throughout France on Saturday in protest against controversial proposed security legislation.

In Paris, despite inclement weather, protestors marched towards Bastille Square in the east of the city.

Police said they intervened near the march to prevent an unauthorized rave, issuing penalty notices to the organizers.

The government says the proposed legislation will better protect the police. However, following repeated protests, officials are revising the controversial Article 24 of the proposed Security Act, which would limit the right to take video recordings of police officers.

Activists demand this passage be deleted completely. The draft law also includes a number of other controversial measures, such as the expansion of video surveillance by the police during demonstrations and with the help of drones.

Last year, there were massive protests against the law throughout the country.